Definitely I am not going to discuss about Julius Caeser and his wives or his concubines or even Cleopatra.

Childbirth is an exciting moment. With the arrival of newborn family members are happy, you have become a proud parents. But, listen honey, now is the time when YOU NEED TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF also.

Quick recovery after childbirth is essential for female body. Due to hormonal changes mood swing and other changes effects postpartum women. And Let me share few interesting things which will help you.


This is so important. Taking care of the newborn is important so as taking care of yourself. We must understand that cesarean delivery is a major surgery. Female body needs time to heal afterward.

Ease your pain

The pain should decrease after 2 or 3 days. But the cut or incision area will remain tender for next 3 weeks or more. Most women needs analgesic or pain relief medicines for first few days to 2 weeks.

Most of the pain killers or pain relief medicines are safe while breastfeeding. Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen are some example.

Some useful tips,

  • Hold a pillow over your incision when you need to laugh or cough.
  • Gently clean and dry the wound everyday. Use cotton clothes or cotton. If prescribed apply medicated ointments or gels.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clean cotton clothes and underwear.
  • Always try to sleep on your back after C-section delivery. This is best as in this sleeping position no or very little pressure impose on your incision.
  • Watchout for any signs of infection, rashes or even if you feel unbearable pain and discomfort please contact your Doctor immediately.
  • Contact your Doctor if it bleeds from the incision or cut or pus is discharging from i

Take some sunshine,take proper rest

Baby feeding, diaper changing and many more. The newborn baby demands a lot of attention of their mother. Dear, it is a 24×7 job and you are always on call.

But Lady, take plenty of rest. Try to sleep whenever your baby naps. Do not hesitate to ask for help from your family, friends or relatives. Adequate sleep is necessary for Speedy recovery.

You should love your body

We must respect and appreciate our body for what it is doing for us constantly. The vital activities of our body is keeping us happy and healthy both physically and mentally. Our body is a Temple. We must worship it.

After C-section delivery, taking care of our body is important. The question is how? Here are the quintessence of my own research and experience.

  • Walking – 5 minutes gentle walk everyday is enough to keep you fresh after a week of your C section delivery. Walk around your home or even in your balcony.
  • Yoga and free hand exercises – Before you start exercises and yoga after C-section delivery please contact your Doctor. Usually it takes 3-4 months to start exercises and yoga.

You should start with low impact movements such as free hand exercises or basic Asanas or Pranayam. Few mild yogasana you can follow are as follows

  1. Bhujangasana or cobra pose
  2. Tadasana or mountain pose
  3. Chaturanga dandasana or plank pose
  4. Trikonasana or triangle pose
  5. Ustrasana or camel pose
  6. Naukasana or boat pose
  7. 4-10 rounds of Surya namaskar
  • Meditation– 10 mins meditation at morning and at afternnon is effective.
  • Good food good mood, mind your diet- Your plate should be full of nutrition rich food. We must not underestimate the benifit of healthy diet for speedy recovery after C-section delivery.
  • Protein rich foods are essential for muscle repair and wound healing. They help to regain strength and energy. Chicken, fish, egg, milk, lentils, soybean, mushroom should be included in the diet.
  • Fibre rich foods keep your bowel regular. After C-section delivery constipation causes pain and fibres act as laxative. Few examples are, lentils, chickpeas, chia seeds, peanut, pumpkin seeds, almond, blackbean, kidney bean.
  • Iron rich foods such as poultry, beans, raw banana, banana stem, pomegranate, spinach, chickpeas etc should be incorporated to fight anaemia and low haemoglobin.
  • High calorie diet is essential for breast feeding mother.
  • The diet must include Vitamins such as Vitamin C (promote wound healing and boost immunity e.g oranges, lemon,mosambi), Vitamin A(helps in cell growth and repair e.g carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach), Magnesium (reduce inflammation and improve muscle functions e.g green leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds, spinach, yoghurt etc), Zinc rich foods (oysters, poultry, red meat, mushroom, garlic etc and they improve immunity and promote wound healing), Probiotic rich food such as curd (reduce chances of post operative sepsis, expedite wound healing, enhance immune function)
  • Whole grain foods (such as brown bread, brown rice) – Enriched whole grain products have iron, fibres and folic acid.
  • Some Indian dishes – poha, upma, suji halwa, gajar halwa, idli,sambar,dosa,palak paneer, palak paratha, chole, rajma chawal,moong daal, mixed veg, khichdi, daal roti, masoor daal, egg curry, fish curry, chicken kurry etc.
  • Fruits like papaya, banana, mangoes, grapes, watermelon, berries are good source of antioxidants, minerals and water.
  • Some useful spices – Hing or asafoetida, Ajwain or carom seed ( for better digestion)

Jeera helps in production of breast milk and also in digestion.

  • Body massage, Pedicure, Manicure– Body massage can be start after 6 weeks when the scar is healed and ofcourse after doctor’s approval. Massage therapy is of great help and relaxing. Manicure and pedicure along with hand and foot massage is a good way to relieving pain and anxiety after C-section delivery and they rejuvenate mind and body as well.
  • Read good books help to build good moods.
  • Listen to your favourite music, there will be less panic.
  • Watch some good movies or series or even your favourite cartoons.
  • Talk to your friends,close relatives,share with them because Sharing is caring.
  • Follow your Passion or Hobbies take some pictures of your baby if you like photography, write some stories or poems. Plan your first trip with your baby.

Breast swelling and soreness– The first 3-4 days after delivery, your breast make colostrum or off-white colour milk. Colostrum is a nutrients rich substance that helps to boost your baby’s immune system. Breast fill up with milk and become very tender. Thid condition is very painful. Ease the tenderness by nursing or pumping or putting cold wash clothes.

Do not rub your breast- makes more milk.

Hair loss and skin changes- Due to hormonal changes, postpartum hair loss and changes in skin is common. This is a normal length of hair shedding phase that last for 3-6 months. The growth phase begins again. There is no need to get hair treatments. Regular scalp massage with coconut oil or almond oil or extra virgin olive oil followed by shampoo is effective. If you need to go out apply sunscreen lotion with SPF 50 or above. Use moisturiser and drink plenty of water.

Do regular blood tests to find Hb count, Random Blood sugar count, thyroid profile, liver functional test, ESR, Vitamin D count, vitamin B12 count, check your blood pressure.


Take care of your baby, take care ofyourself. Enjoy motherhood.


It's being 41 years, I am enjoying life on this Planet.

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